Type of Tripod Max. Height Min. Height Weight of Tripod
with Aluminium Tubes
Weight of Tripod
with Carbon Fibre Tubes
Heavy Duty Tall 68” (173cm) 35” (89cm) 22lbs 10kgs
Heavy Duty Short 33½” (85cm) 10” (25cm) 18lbs 8.18kgs
Heavy Duty Reverse Leg 65” (165cm) 35” (89cm) 25lbs 11.36kgs
Heavy Duty 2 Stage 68” (165cm) 22½” (57cm) 30lbs 13.64kgs
Medium Duty Tall 70” (178cm) 34” (86cm) 14lbs 6.36kgs 12lbs 5.45kgs
Medium Duty Short 36” (91cm) 7” (18cm) 11lbs 5.0kgs 9.5lbs 4.3kgs
Medium Duty Reverse Leg 49” (125cm) 24” (61cm) 12lbs 5.45kgs
Medium Duty 2 Stage 64” (163cm) 19” (48cm) 17lbs 7.73kgs 14lbs 6.3kgs
Lightweight Tall 70” (178cm) 34” (86cm) 7lbs 3.18kgs 4.4lbs 2kgs
Lightweight Short 33” (84cm) 7” (18cm) 5lbs 2.27kgs 3.5lbs 1.6kgs
Lightweight Reverse Leg 48” (122cm) 22½” (57cm) 7lbs 3.18kgs
Lightweight 2 Stage 62½” (159cm) 19” (48cm) 11lbs 5.0kgs 9lbs 4.09kgs
N.B These Heights are measured on a spreader.Maximum & Minimum heights can usually be supplied to customer’s individual specification.